信州善光寺 薬王院


信州善光寺 薬王院

Weave a Thousand-Year History
The Beginning of Shukubo

Zenkoji was built a thousand years ago in the Shinano Province.
" Yakuoin" is known as the first temple which was built as AMIDADO in Japan.
You are going to get the feel of venerable "Shukubo (Temple Stay)" with the time you spend in Zenkoji,
walking around, seeing the inherited daily activities of monks that have been passed down through the generations.
By the overnight retreat of prayer and the morning religious service,
one could think about the eternal time weaved by Zenkoji, and return to your daily life with a dignified heart.

善光寺 お朝事善光寺 お朝事

Zenkoji Oasaji

Attending Morning Religious Service in the Clear Air

Zenkoji's morning religious service, "O-asaji", begins from the sunrise.
Staying at a shukubo and going to a temple from morning; welcoming the day with a calm mind.


Echoing the Silence of Zenkoji Nembutsu from Dignified Monks

The morning religious service, "O-asaji", which has been continued every day for a thousand years, is the service for all monks of Zenkoji. You are able to feel the majestic and dignified atmosphere of the monks.


No Matter How Far, Visit Zenkoji Once at Least, You will have the Salvation as in Amitabha's Vow.

Zenkoji is independent from the sect and has been worshiped for more than 1,400 years.
The temple's name came from Yoshimitsu Honda, the person who enshrined the most ancient buddhist Image "Amida Triad Sharing One Halo".
"Go-kaichō" (public exhibition of the Buddha), which is famous for its miraculous efficacy, is held once every seven years. Many worshipers from all over the country visit Zenkoji for it.




Shojin Teppachi Ryori

Yakuoin's cuisine is "Shojin Teppachi Ryori", which means it cooks with plenty of seasonal Shinshu ingredients such as Shinshu soba. "Teppachi" is a round bowl used by monks when eating. It is said that the functional bowls which could be stacked after eating are representing the Japanese "functional beauty". In modern times, bowls shaped like "Teppachi" are widely applied. The priest is particular about every dish including home-grown vegetables, wild plants, mushrooms, and chars lined up on the bright bowl.



For lunch, you can enjoy the priest's handmade Shojin Teppachi Ryori using plenty of Shinshu ingredients. All guests including those who do not stay in Shukubo can enjoy lunch here. After visiting Zenkoji Temple, please enjoy the Shojin Teppachi Ryori in shukubo.
*Available for from 4 people or more (up to about 200 people) to dine in.




Zazen Meditation

By adjusting your body, mind, and breath, you are set free from confusion and be able to perform "Zen". Performing "Zen" while sitting is the reason why it is called "Zazen". If you are staying at Yakuoin, you can experience zazen meditation at "Daikanjin", which is the main temple of 25 Zenkoji temples in this Tiantai denomination main mountain.

※Please make a reservation at least 3 days in advance


Syakyo (Sutra Copying)

This is the generation of fewer chances of writing and easily get filled with confusion. By rubbing the ink with an inkstone, dipping a brush in it, and writing each letter, you can calm and purify your mind. We have all the necessary tools for copying sutras, so please experience it when you are at the Shukubo.


Zenkoji Tours

We will guide you through from "HONDO (main hall)", religious service room, Kondo Kaidan to the treasures visiting room. By fully experiencing Zenkoji, your wish and prayer will be with much miraculous efficacy. Please feel free to book the tour.



 障子からやわらかな光がさしこむ  障子からやわらかな光がさしこむ

12 Rooms with Different Taste

Please enjoy your quiet time inside the room with pure simplicity





Yakuoin was built as Amida-do when Zenkoji was first built. You can ask for memorial services and prayers at the venerable Amida-do. Please feel free to contact us if you wish for the service.


Zazen Room

It is a room where you could go in freely and do zazen meditation. Feel free to practice zazen meditation guided by the explanations shown on the monitor. Even if you find zazen medication difficult, you are encouraged to try zazen meditation whenever you feel like it in here.


Walk Around Zenkoji


Visit the Land Around Zenkoji Think of the History from the Past till Now

A walking path is connecting the Zenkoji to the wide-opened area in front of it. You could walk along the Zenkoji thirty-nine shukubo and NAKAMISE-Street, which is always bustling. Then please take time to think about the story weaved by the temples while walking on the long approach to the temple.


By Car

By taxi



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