Zazen Meditation

By adjusting your body, mind, and breath, you are set free from confusion and be able to perform "Zen". Performing "Zen" while sitting is the reason why it is called "Zazen". If you are staying at Yakuoin, you can experience zazen meditation at "Daikanjin", which is the main temple of 25 Zenkoji temples in this Tiantai denomination main mountain.

※Please make a reservation at least 3 days in advance


Syakyo (Sutra Copying)

This is the generation of fewer chances of writing and easily get filled with confusion. By rubbing the ink with an inkstone, dipping a brush in it, and writing each letter, you can calm and purify your mind. We have all the necessary tools for copying sutras, so please experience it when you are at the Shukubo.


Zenkoji Tours

We will guide you through from "HONDO (main hall)", religious service room, Kondo Kaidan to the treasures visiting room. By fully experiencing Zenkoji, your wish and prayer will be with much miraculous efficacy. Please feel free to book the tour.


ご予約 | 宿泊料金